Who am I? Just a guy with a camera that loves beautiful women and absolutely loves seeing them showing just how sexual that they are. I’m just an average Joe, a GWC, that decided that spending my time with wonderful, beautiful and naked women is better that punching the clock.

So I set out with my camera to take photos and videos of ladies getting off by themselves, with other women and with guys. It started out as a hard journey. No one knew me and the models I contacted at first blew me off. But finally I contacted a model, after over a hundred rejections, that was willing to work with a GWC (Guy with Camera). We set up the shoot, I had no problem with her husband being there during the shoot, and I shot my first lady Nude, spreading and playing with her toys.. Life doesn’t get better than that..

Funny thing is that she had a really fun time shooting with me. I like to say that I’m old fat and ugly. But I’m always a gentleman.. She and her husband loved the fact that I treated her with the utmost respect, never used foul language while directing her, wanted her to have fun and actually have a bit of a sense of humor..

She had so much fun that she told a couple of other models about it and low and behold they contacted me wanting to shoot.. Funny thing happened those models had so much fun that they told friend of theirs and so on and so on..

Now I have big time porn stars contacting me wanting to shoot. I’ve host Charlee Chase, Alura Jenson, Cheyenne Jewel, J.C. Simpson and a ton of others.. But I’m still nothing more than a GWC (guy with camera).

I shoot Amateur Adult, a lot of the ladies I shoot are pornstars, but I’m just a GWC and thus an amateur. I invite you to come along with me on my adventures as I photograph and video tape the hottest women getting naked, masturbating, sucking cock and getting fucked to their hearts desire.


Wildman Productions, LLC