Charlee Chase in Witch Sister’s Cum Coven

Charlee Chase’s scene in Witch Sisters Cum Coven

Charlee Chase and her sister JC Simpson are out to get 5 cum shots before the witches coven meeting this night in order to get promoted in the coven and gain additional magical powers. The problem is that they are both short one cum shot. When they meet in the kitchen to discuss this the come up with a plan. They will each seduce one of their stepbrothers and get them to give up their cum. While JC pops to the bedroom to seduce brother Billy, Charlee Chase pops out to the couch where brother Elijah is watching TV. It really doesn’t take long for the beautiful Charlee to get Elijah all worked up and in the end she gets his hot wad of cum right where she wants it, in her mouth.

Check out the GIF below and go to Taboo Family Stories and check out the full video. It’s a magical fucking.

Witch Sisters PT 2