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Beautiful Blonde Natalie Nice Finger Masturbation

When I started shooting porn a couple of years ago I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to find gals to take their clothes off and perform on camera for me with me just being a GWC (Guy With Camera), but I was pleasantly surprised that that wasn’t the case. See I made sure that when I worked with a performer that they received the utmost respect while they were on the set and the the shoots were fun. But I never expected that I would meet a major star like Natalie Nice, let alone shoot her. But it happened and it was a really great shoot. She was so much fun to work with, professional but also had a sense of humor. In fact, me being a southern gentleman, I have a hard time trying to explain what I want the gals to do in a scene. I don’t want to offend them and to be honest asking a woman to spread etc makes my face turn red (yep that southern gentleman kicks in on me). Well Natalie thought it was funny to make my face turn red and during the shoot she would ask me if I wanted her to spread her p…y etc. Well it damn near killed me her doing that. I’m trying to shoot, my face is beet red and she’s laughing.. We did get through it with a lot of laughs and some great masturbation scenes.

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Amateur Masturbation

MILF Angie Noir Makes Herself Squirt

Angie Noir Squirts

This shoot was the first time that I had met the beautiful and erotic Angie Noir. I got her in to do a boy girl Taboo scene, two Taboo handjob scenes and a solo masturbation scene. When we were getting set up to shoot the masturbation scene Angie asked if it was alright for her to use her big dildo, which I of course said yes to. The next question set me back I must say, she then asked if it was OK with me if she squirted. Well DUH.. Yes..

Now I’d shot a few scenes before this one where the performer squirted, usually where their orgasm juices run down while they we masturbating. I was really unprepared to see just what Angie Noir had in mind when she said she loved to squirt. She worked herself up with her fingers then grabbed her huge dildo and started fucking her pussy hard. She worked herself up to a frenzy then yanked the toy out of her pussy and squirted up in the air. She did this not once, not twice but multiple times. When she was done the bed was soaking wet where she had been laying fucking her toy.

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MILF Bikini Taboo Blowjob

Allura Sky is a really naughty MILF that’s been staying with her sister and brother in law. She’s starting to feel a little pent up hanging out with these homebodies and decides she needs to put on her tiny bikini and go to the neighborhood pool and see if she can find some cock to play with. As she walks through the living room one her way out her brother in law stops her. He informs her that they live in a very conservative area and that there’s no way that he can let her go to the pool wearing such a tiny bikini. That of course doesn’t suit her so she decides that if she can’t go to the pool in search of cock she’ll just have to have some there. Taking off her bikini she gets down on her knees and gives her brother in law one hell of a deep throat blowjob until he blows his wad right on her face.

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Bikini BJ

Double Taboo Handjob Scene

Check out my latest release for my store Taboo Handjobs and Blowjobs. In this scene we have Sunny Marie talking with her sister, Chloe Skyy, about how her boyfriend wants her to give him a hand job. Chloe thinks that’s a great idea but Sunny admits that she’s never given a handjob and that she doesn’t know how. Well it’s Chloe to the rescue by offering to show Sunny how to properly perform the act in question. The only problem is that in order to show her how they need a cock to practice on. Again it’s Chloe that has the solution to the problem when she remembers that their step brother is upstairs. Chloe yells for Lance to come down and once she explains the situation to him he is more than happy to help the girls out. By the time they are finished, Sunny knows how to give a great handjob and lucky guy Lance got jerked off by two hot babes.

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Sisters Taboo Handjob Lesson