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Hazel and Nicole give Hazels Step Brother a Taboo Handjob

Hazel and Nicole are hanging out in Hazels room one afternoon when Hazel asks Nicole what she thinks about Hazels step brother. Nicole lets Hazel know that she kind of has the hots for him and wouldn’t mind trying to hook up with him and see where it would go from there. Hazel knows all of Nicole’s secrets and when Nicole says hook up she really means get a hold of his cock.

So Hazel decides to help out and calls her step brother into her room and informs him that she’s setting him up with Nicole for a date. He’s not too keen on the idea of dating his step sisters best friend because if id doesn’t work out it could definitely cause problems in the house. But Hazel is stubborn and has already decided that a no is not an acceptable answer and that she’s in charge. Now that she has that established she orders him to take off his clothes and get into between them so they can give him a handjob and since she’s going to be helping jerk his cock it will be a taboo handjob.

After stroking his cock and getting it good and hard the two girls decide that they want to stroke his cock at eye level so they get off the bed and on their knees while he lays at the edge of the bed. They stroke him hard and play with his balls until he stands up and explodes shooting on both of their pretty faces.

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Double Taboo Handjob