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Maddison Hardy in Fucking My Panty Wearing Step Brother

This is a Taboo Story starring the ultra cute Maddison Hardy. The story is that her step brother is in her room trying on a pair of her panties when Maddison walks in and catches him. Of course Lance, her step brother tries to blow it off as no big deal but Maddison has other thoughts about it and being turned on by seeing her step brother’s big cock she decides to make a deal with him. If he’ll let her take a ride on his cock she won’t tell their parents what she just caught him doing.

Lance of course is more than a little shocked by this but definitely doesn’t want their parents to find out that he’s been sneaking into his step sister’s room and trying on her panties. So he agrees that just this once they could and then both him wearing her panties and them fucking will be a secret. Maddison wanting to try out his cock agrees to the terms and takes her clothes off and lays back on the bed with her legs open so her step brother can taste her sweet pussy.

Now that lance has licked her pussy and made her super wet she decides it’s time for her to get his cock hard so he can drive it inside her. She takes his cock into her mouth and gives him a long deep blowjob making him so hard. Now its time for Lance and Maddison to fuck and fuck they do with Maddison spreading her legs and enjoying having her step brothers hard cock deep inside her pussy. They fuck until Lance can’t take it any longer and he pulls out of his step sister’s pussy and cums right on her face.

Maddison after such a great fuck hopes that she’ll get the opportunity to black mail her step brother into fucking her again. She thinks that will be pretty easy.

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Maddison Hardy Taboo Story

Cheyenne Jewel Taboo Story – Sister in Law Lapdance

This is a hot video starring the hot bodied Cheyenne Jewel. When it comes to performing I have to say that not only is Cheyenne a joy to work with but she also knows how to really get hardcore when the camera is rolling.

The story line for this video is that Cheyenne’s sister’s husband is in town a day ahead of his wife to visit the in-laws for the holiday. Now spending several days with the in-laws is not exactly what Tommy considers a good time. So in order to at least have a little fun out of the trip he decides that perhaps he should call an escort service and see about getting a lap dance to take his mind off the next few days of spending time with the in-laws. Now Tommy actually has the hots for his wife’s sister and always fantasized about her being naked and grinding he body on him. So when he calls the escort service he gives them a description of her and asks if they had anyone that resembled her. Well wouldn’t you know it they just happen to have the perfect gal to send.

Both Tommy and Cheyenne are shocked when she shows up since neither expected it to be the other. They discus it for a moment and since Tommy had already paid for the lap dance they decide that there wouldn’t be any harm in her giving it to him as long as they both kept it a secret. Well the lap dance leads into some seriously hard fucking where Cheyenne takes her brother in laws hot load right on her face and loves every minute of it.

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Cheyenne Jewel Taboo Story


Here’s just one hot scene I shot of big titted MILF Cristy Lynn. This gal is a sexual animal. I got her to shoot for me and before I even made the trip for the shoot she was finding other gals and guys that she could fuck in front of my camera. When the entire 3 days of shooting was over she had eaten a bunch of pussy, gotten fucked multiple times and had three five way scenes. If you love hardcore MILFs that love to fuck suck and take cum on their face then I’ve got a MILF for you. Enjoy!

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Cristy Lynn Fucking 1

Sunny Marie’s Taboo Story Video

Here’s a little sample from the taboo video that I shot starring the ultra cute Sunny Marie. Sunny Maire wants to go to the concert but her mother has grounded her so she goes to her step dad to see if he’ll let her go. He of course says no, not wanting to get in trouble with her mom. But Sunny uses her charms and tight pussy to convince him otherwise. Sunny fucks her step dad and takes his cum on her face to get ungrounded. This is a really hot Taboo Movie Scene.

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Sunny Marie Taboo Story