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Charlee Chase gives a Taboo Handjob for a Hookup

Once again we have the absolutely gorgeous pornstar Charlee Chase doing what she loves to do and that’s give a hardcore handjob.

In this episode Charlee is wanting to get her step brother to hook her up with his best friend. The problem is that her step brother know just how his friend is with hot women like Charlee and knowing his friend will try to get in her pants he’s not interested in hooking her up. After hearing this Charlee lets him know that that’s the exact reason that she wants him to hook her up with him. She’s been dating the boring conservative types long enough and she’s ready to get out there and party with a real horndog.

Her stepbrother isn’t convinced so Charlee convinces him by showing him exactly how she can take a hard cock in her hands and jerk it until she drains all the cum out of a man’s balls. Needless to say he’s convinced and Charlee goes to get ready for her date with his horndog friend.

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Hailey Strokes her Step Dad in a Taboo Handjob Scenes

Hailey is getting ready to take a nice hot bath and has the water running and is settling in for a nice long soak in the tub when her step dad walks in wearing nothing but a towel. Being totally embarrassed at seeing his step daughter naked in the tub he turns to leave but his towel falls off. This really makes him blush from embarrassment being there completely naked in front of Hailey. However, Hailey sees just how well endowed her step dad is and seeing a big nine inch cock hanging between his legs makes her think the perhaps she can use his embarrassment to get him to let her take hold of his manhood. She tells him that her mother never told her that her step dad had such a nice big cock. He sees where Hailey is going with this and decides that having such a young little hottie like his step daughter playing with his cock might not be so bad.

Hailey invites him to join her in the tub and when he gets in she decides that she needs to take his cock in her hand and stroke it to see just how big it can get. She strokes it until it is so very hard and ready to explode. She doesn’t want mother to know what they have been doing and as her step dad blows his cum on Hailey he assures her that it will there little secret.

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Hailey Taboo Handjob for Dad

Charlee Chase Fucks for the House Payment

Charlee Chase did a great Taboo Story scene for me and again let me tell you guys that Charlee is one sweet heart lady to work with.

The story line of the scene is that Charlee and her husband are behind on their mortgage and are close to losing their house. Her husband just came back from seeing his wealthy brother and has to tell Charlee that he won’t lend them the money to get out of the hole. Charlee decides that she’ll go talk to her husband’s brother and see if she can convince him to help them out. Needless to say, Charlee is not a woman to take no for an answer and decides that she needs to use her womanly charms to get the money out of her brother in law.

And boy does she use her charms. After giving him a killer blowjob she rides his cock hard in various positions until he pull his cock out of her pussy and shoots his cum right on her face. Now that’s how all loan applications should be like.

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Charlee Chase Taboo Story

Maddison Hardy in Fucking My Panty Wearing Step Brother

This is a Taboo Story starring the ultra cute Maddison Hardy. The story is that her step brother is in her room trying on a pair of her panties when Maddison walks in and catches him. Of course Lance, her step brother tries to blow it off as no big deal but Maddison has other thoughts about it and being turned on by seeing her step brother’s big cock she decides to make a deal with him. If he’ll let her take a ride on his cock she won’t tell their parents what she just caught him doing.

Lance of course is more than a little shocked by this but definitely doesn’t want their parents to find out that he’s been sneaking into his step sister’s room and trying on her panties. So he agrees that just this once they could and then both him wearing her panties and them fucking will be a secret. Maddison wanting to try out his cock agrees to the terms and takes her clothes off and lays back on the bed with her legs open so her step brother can taste her sweet pussy.

Now that lance has licked her pussy and made her super wet she decides it’s time for her to get his cock hard so he can drive it inside her. She takes his cock into her mouth and gives him a long deep blowjob making him so hard. Now its time for Lance and Maddison to fuck and fuck they do with Maddison spreading her legs and enjoying having her step brothers hard cock deep inside her pussy. They fuck until Lance can’t take it any longer and he pulls out of his step sister’s pussy and cums right on her face.

Maddison after such a great fuck hopes that she’ll get the opportunity to black mail her step brother into fucking her again. She thinks that will be pretty easy.

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Maddison Hardy Taboo Story