Charlee Chase Doing Some Taboo Cock Suckin

Charlee Chase really knows how to suck a cock in her taboo story scene, Witch Sisters Cum Coven

Here’s another sample from the video, Witch Sisters Cum Coven, featuring the lovely Charlee Chase. This taboo story video is built around the scenario that two witch sisters need to swallow five cumshots before the next coven meeting which at this point is just hours away. When they meet in the kitchen neither she or her sister JC Simpson have the required quota. Both are one cum shot short. They come up with a solution in that they will both pop out to their step brothers and seduce them and get them to cum in their mouths so that they can reach their quota before the coven meeting. Well needless to say both witch sisters successfully seduce and fuck their step brothers until they have hot cum on their tongues.

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Charlee Chase in Witch Sisters Cum Coven

Charlee Chase in Witch Sister’s Cum Coven

Charlee Chase’s scene in Witch Sisters Cum Coven

Charlee Chase and her sister JC Simpson are out to get 5 cum shots before the witches coven meeting this night in order to get promoted in the coven and gain additional magical powers. The problem is that they are both short one cum shot. When they meet in the kitchen to discuss this the come up with a plan. They will each seduce one of their stepbrothers and get them to give up their cum. While JC pops to the bedroom to seduce brother Billy, Charlee Chase pops out to the couch where brother Elijah is watching TV. It really doesn’t take long for the beautiful Charlee to get Elijah all worked up and in the end she gets his hot wad of cum right where she wants it, in her mouth.

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Witch Sisters PT 2

JC Simpson is a Taboo Witch

I just added a new video that I shot with super hot pornstar JC Simpson. I can’t say enough about how much I love this gal. She’s a tall hard bodied blonde that not only absoluteley loves to fuck on camera but she also has a killer personality to go with it. This was the third time that I’ve been graced with shooting her and looking forward to the next time.

This video is called “Witch Sisters Cum Coven” and stars JC Simpson and Charlee Chase. The premise is that these two sisters are witches and although they have some of their magical powers they are up for promotion in their coven and will get even more magical powers. But in order to get their increased powers they have to swallow 5 cumshots before the coven meeting. JC and Charlee “pop” into the kitchen to meet and discuss their progress. As it turns out they are both one cumshot short of what they need for the coven meeting which is only hours away. So what are a couple of Taboo Witch Sisters to do? Well after a moments thought they come up with a plan. They’ll seduce their step brothers and get that last needed cumshot and make it to the coven meeting having fulfilled their requirements to be promoted within the coven.

This first release is part 1 with JC using her magic to “pop” into her step brother’s room and seduce him for a truly Taboo Story Fuck.

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Addie Juniper Jerking off Her Step Brother

I had the pleasure back in July of 2013 to get to shoot the lovely Addie Juniper. Let me tell you guys this lady is not only cute but she is a firecracker in bed. She loves her sex and so much that when I finished shooting a solo scene she decided that she wanted to masturbate some more because she wanted a couple of more orgasms. So she kicked back on the couch spread her pussy and fucked herself with a dildo all the while talking with me and other talent that was on the shoot. You’ve got to love that attitude 🙂

The scene sample below is from one of her taboo handjob scenes we shot that day. The storyline was really neat because it played on the problem that the guys she jerks off actually had the night before.

The story goes like this. Addie comes into the bedroom and finds her step brother laying on the bed looking very upset. When she asks him what’s bothering him he informs her that his girlfriend had been arrested the night before for Driving intoxicated and he didn’t know when she would get out. Of course Addie has sympathy for his plight especially since she regularly hear them getting it on at night. Her stepbrother acknowledges that that’s part of whats irritating him, no sex for a while.

Well leave it to sweet sister Addie to come up with a solution, how about a sisterly handjob. Well under the circumstances how could he resist. So.. Addie gets to work and jerks her stepbrother of perfectly, making his shoot his wad just the way she likes to see it.

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Addie Juniper gives a Taboo Handjob